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Regarding Steam Keys

We are more than happy to provide Steam keys to game review sites and YouTubers who have a following. Unfortunately we have been receiving a lot of fake emails from people posing as popular YouTubers or Game Reviewers. To ensure we are sending Steam Keys to the correct people we will need to verify that the request we received is real. We will not be sending out any Steam keys without first verifying the identity of the person requesting the keys.

For YouTubers if you are requesting Steam Keys, please include a link to either a Facebook or Twitter page so we can send a quick message to you there. A quick response to that message will verify for us that the request we received is real.

For Game Review sites, we’ll send a quick message to an email listed on your website to verify the request came from someone at your company.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but we want to make sure our Steam Keys are going to real people and not someone trying to resell them on another website. Fraud not only hurts the game developers but also the reputation of YouTubers, Twitchers, Game Review websites, and the industry as a whole.