The Beginning….

Unassuming and kindhearted, Elizabeth Ainsley was the last person the townsfolk of Shady Hollow would consider dangerous. She possessed more warmth and kindness than wealth and land, and her wealth was great. But for some, her kindness and warmth was not enough. One man in particular desired her land for himself, and created a clever solution to the problem. In 1695, she was accused of being a witch by the one person she trusted the most, Rev James Beaumont. Little did he know the terror he was about to unleash upon the small town of Shady Hollow by his one treacherous act.

The Return….

It wouldn’t be until the 1940’s before the Beaumont family would return to Shady Hollow. Cliff and Linda Beaumont along with their children Sally and John moved to Shady Hollow to open a coal mining operation. The woods outside of Shady Hollow were known to be rich with coal, and being in the coal business, the Beaumonts saw this as a great opportunity.

Several months after their arrival, their daughter Sally disappeared. For weeks, the towns people searched the woods and the coal mines but all they would find was a single little girl’s shoe by the Hollow Creek. Most believed that Sally must have fallen into the creek and drowned while the more superstitious believed it was the curse of The Hollow Creek Witch.

One year later, both Cliff and Linda Beaumont grew ill and soon died. It was rumored that the loss of their daughter was too much for them to handle. John, being the sole remaining member of the Beaumont family was taken to an orphanage.

The Sins of the Father….

About thirty five years later, John, now a grown man, was approached by another mining company looking to buy the rights to the Beaumont Coal Company. The coal company was abandoned after the death of his parents so John agreed to sell his share of the company. On the morning of March 15th, 1975, John and two miners would travel through the woods to take mineral samples at one of the more lucrative mining sites in Shady Hollow. John would be the only person to return from that trip.

After several searches, the two miners were found. What the police saw would haunt them the rest of their lives. John Beaumont was immediately arrested for the murders and spent his remaining days in the Shady Hollow Mental Hospital.

Rekindling the Flame….

The rumors and tales surrounding the tiny town of Shady Hollow slowly faded into obscurity until the spring of 2015. However, driven by unrelenting curiosity, Emily Baxter and Ray Wilkinson investigated the remains of the Shady Hollow Mental Hospital, hoping to find some answers to the town’s dark past.

Only Emily returned.

Sheriff Wilkinson eventually found her, half-crazed with fear, in the cemetery. Crouched in a fetal position, babbling to herself and terrified of the slightest movement, she could not tell the Sheriff anything about what happened to her or Ray. All the Sheriff could understand was the one phrase she couldn’t stop uttering: She’s coming: we’re all going to die.

The Story of a Lifetime….

In the Summer of 2015, 5 young, ambitious indie film makers, united by friendship and drive, travel to Shady Hollow to do a documentary about the Beaumont family and the secrets surrounding the town—including the legend of Elizabeth Ainsley, the Witch of Shady Hollow. Upon arriving, however, they soon find out that there is more to the Beaumont mystery than the murders of 1975: something much darker and deeper than they could ever have prepared for.